DRAM less
Industrial PCIe SSD

DRAM less

Value model for embedded use

E3 Series

M.2 2280
 120GB / 240GB / 480GB / 960GB

PCIe / NVMe Interface

In near future, many industrial platforms are predicted to introduce PCIe interface. Nextorage is willing to support customers who are new to PCIe SSD, to introduce this new technology for their platforms.

Enhanced power down tolerance

These models are equipped with enhanced power down tolerance feature, which is essential for industrial use. This mechanism is introduced to prevent data corruption or drive failure.

Enhanced reliability feature to maximize 3D NAND performance

These models are equipped with wearleveling, a feature to enhance reliability of 3D NAND flash. Other features, such as read disturb prevention functions and higher error correction for block RAID are also included.

Services for industrial products

Main parts BOM fix
Firmware fix
Failure analysis report
Technical support